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E-Book Digitization

The digital heritage project is a new internet service through which Poreč City Library presents the selection of digitized materials as part of the digitization project.
The beginnings of the digitization of items in the Library date back to 2002 when the publishing activity, along with the printed edition of the collection of literary and art works Pozica, also included the Pozica CD-ROM. The first digital pages have been counted since 2009, with this we have become the first national library in Istria whose digital editions are available to everybody on the Internet, from real and potential users to curious tourists.

The materials that deal with county themes are particularly important in the promotion and value of cultural locality, therefore the first publication for digitization was „Yours Truly, Poreč", selected from the Poreč City Library County collection.

The aim of the project is the multimedia presentation of textual, picture and audio recordings, especially those that have significant cultural values of county heritage of this area and their promotion by using the most modern technology and digitization procedures. The transfer of materials into their electronic form will enable wide public to have permanent access to the contents made in their digital form.

With the initiated project, the Library joins the group of advanced heritage institutions with the aim of promoting cultural-tourist potentials, e-learning and cultural cooperation. Digitization of materials opens up new possibilities of implementing cultural tourism into the operation of public libraries and contributes to the promotion of Poreč area and the County of Istria and Croatian heritage in general.

Portal development
The County collection forms a part of the national book holdings and a valuable source of information, both for scientific research and for getting to know county themes. Considering the specificity of county materials, or contents that in any way relate to Istria, it is planned to gradually develop a portal in accordance with the needs of the users.
There are different possibilities of presenting cultural heritage and applying it in cultural tourism: from E-postcards, making CDs or DVDs, digitization of local newspaper Porečki glasnik, etc. as different forms of communication and confirmation of local cultural identity and its protection.

Digitized books: